Mass Update RCM Sub Objects

The mass update feature allows you to update the RCM sub-objects in the Entity RCM en masse.

rcm - update

  1. Access the Entity Hierarchy
  2. Expand the entity that contains the RCM.
  3. Double-click the RCM. The list of RCM objects appears.
  4. Click the Update button in any of the RCM sub-objects (Objectives, Risks, Controls, Tests) to mass update the RCM sub-objects.

    mass update objectives

  5. Select a column whose values wish to update en masse and select the new value.

    objectives mass update

  6. Select rows where you wish to apply the updated column values.

    objectives rows mass update

  7. Click Save All.
  8. The selected rows will be updated with the new column value.

    updated mass update

Note: You can also drill down in to various RCM sub-objects to update their sub-objects en masse. For instance, you can drill into a Risk to update its Objective list, Control List or Dependent Control list en masse.

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