Add and Manage Tests

Different users within the Governance Portal may perform testing. Therefore, the testing screen is divided into two sections:

1) Testing Detail Attributes- which is completed by the Test initiator and

2) Test Results - which is completed by the tester.

Users with edit permissions to the associated risk control matrix (and belonging to a role that can edit tests) can add tests to a given risk control matrix. Once the test has been added, a user can further restrict or add view and edit permissions to the test via the roles link (initial permissions are inherited from the associated risk control matrix). Users with edit permissions to the testing detail attributes can edit both sections of the test form. Users who are assigned as the tester can update the Test Results section of the form, even if they do not have edit rights to the testing detail attributes. This allows individuals to restrict access to the test planning section while allowing those in a tester role to update the results of their testing. The Test Results section is only available after the Testing Detail Attributes section has been completed and saved.

  1. Access the Entity Hierarchy
  2. Add Tests
  3. Update Test Results via in line editing
  4. Update Test Results via the Test Results Form
  5. Link existing Controls to Tests
  6. Add New Controls to Tests
  7. Modify Test Permissions

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