Link Financial Elements to Risks

Linking financial elements directly to risks supports an organizations risk based approach to financial reporting. As clients have several options with regards to linking risk and control content to financial elements, the administrator must enable the linking of financial elements to risks or to controls.

  1. Access the Entity Hierarchy
  2. Expand the Risk folder in the RCM for the selected entity.
  3. Double-click the risk you wish to edit, or right-click and select View Object.

    Note: You can also access the risk from the RCM form.

  4. Click the Financial Elements tab.
  5. Click Add in the Financial Elements section..

    Note: See Utilize List Searches for additional information on editing the search.

  6. Select the financial element check box next to the financial element you wish to link to the risk.

    Note: Only financial elements that have been previously linked the entity are available for selection.

  7. Click Save.

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