Process Classification Scheme

The Process Classification Scheme is a framework, or "Dewey-Decimal" type system, designed to inventory and arrange processes by their common characteristics. The PCS enables the management of aggregated process information, creating a "master" process universe. When a PCS is associated with an organization, this creates a unique instance of a process.

A standard Generic PCS as well as several industry-specific PCS's (only available with Protiviti services) are shipped with the Governance Portal. This PCS can be modified, or new PCS's can be created. Typically, the most benefit will be derived from having a single PCS for an entire implementation. However, the Governance Portal contains functionality that allows you to create and manage multiple PCS's.

The majority of users have view rights, with the Administrators, Project Team and Process Content Managers having edit rights.

Hyperlinks within each of the attribute sections allow users to easily navigate to the various levels and screens of the PCS.

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