Entity Documentation

Protiviti's Governance Portal contains a repository of documentation structured by organizational unit, process classification, and financial reporting element. Documentation associated with organizational units, processes, IT applications, and projects/events typically provides reference information or context for the various data driven analysis conducted within the Governance Portal.

Document Management encapsulates the following:

Document formats establish "placeholders" for required documentation and are created and selected for each organizational unit, process, IT application, and/or project/event. This list provides the user with a standard set of documentation that must be uploaded or linked. While this is a suggested list of documentation, additional documentation can be added by utilizing the Add button located at the top of the Additional Document List.

Note: Only one document format can be chosen for a specific organizational unit, process, IT application, or project/event.

Documentation management also includes the process of updating documentation status. Protiviti's Governance Portal allows you to track the status of the "groupings" as well as individual documents. The overall-status can be tracked for the organization documentation, process documentation, IT application documentation, project/event documentation, and Risk Control Matrix level. Additionally, you may track the status for each individual document. Documentation can be attached directly to an organizational unit, process, IT application, or project/event. Documentation can be viewed within a group and also can be viewed individually.

Users have the ability to access and add documentation from the following areas of the Governance Portal:

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